Thank You

“Never in  the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” – Winston Churchill

My husband and I watched American Sniper last night. Wow! It was heartwrenching-inspiring. It’s the kind of movie that stays with you.

I recognize how clueless I am to the complexities of war. They don’t fit into the parameters of my neatly ordered world. War is so messy…Bloody…Heartbreaking…. Hard decisions are made that may seem heartless-cruel. In American Sniper, the main character, Kris Kyle, reluctantly shoots a child and then his mother as they are carrying a bomb with the intent of throwing it in order to blow up American servicemen on a specified mission. This is so beyond the paradigm of my thinking. I have no point of reference for this. I have no words for an ideology that exposes young hearts to this kind of hate and violence. It makes me sad.

Kris Kyle, seemingly had no choice considering his job, dedication to his country, and his passion to protect the men he was serving with. All the rules of civility are blurred and grayed in a world fighting the insane cruel tyranny of  terrorism.  No wonder so many of these men and women come home so physically and emotionally messed up.   It’s just hard…. It always has been…

I am grateful for the men and women who have walked and are still walking in the dangerously complex war torn regions of the world that presently keep many of the  atrocities of terrorism at bay, allowing me to live free and secure. Freedom comes at a  great cost to these men, women, and their families; one I don’t fully understand. I see life through the eyes of my safe suburban world.

The most honoring response I know is to live fully, embrace my freedom, steward it well, be productive, make a difference for others, and never lose sight of how much this sacrifice cost. What has been done and what is to be done, truly matters and must be remembered.

I pray earnestly each night for the safety of those I love because of  the personal tragedy of loss experienced by my own family, but I recognize that I need to be more aware of others.  I must whisper a prayer of thanks and safety for those who make it possible for me to lay my head on a pillow at night and sleep in peace.  I am clueless as to what those halfway around the world bravely face while I sleep…..

I am grateful for them and the Prince of Peace who will come again to restore order and peace, execute justice, and make all things right. (Revelation 21:5) That is our  hope….

Until then we pray… We trust….We live out our freedom with intention, honoring God and those who fought to preserve it.

Still surrendering… Trying to understand …



About Sweet Surrender

I am a testimony of grace.... God's beautiful sustaining grace. Nine years ago my fifteen year old son Luke was tragically killed in a senseless automobile accident. I thought I would die; cause of death, " a broken heart." I am surviving.... breathing... taking baby steps to live.... finding joy again. God has made this loss bearable. This is a lifelong journey and is now a part of the fabric of my soul. I am learning to trust God with the questions of my heart that remain unanswered on this side of eternity. I am learning to lay it all down and live in Sweet Surrender......... I am married to Steven Abbate; the best part of my Florida State University experience! Mother to Adam, Rachel, Jonathan and Luke.
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3 Responses to Thank You

  1. Tess Elliott says:

    Maryanne- A heartwarming tribute ! While running some errands this week, a store display of the DVD, American Sniper caught my eye, and as I recalled what you wrote in your latest blog, decided to purchase it. Can’t wait to watch it ! Hope all is well with you-Covering you and your family in prayer ! With love, Tess

  2. Yes, I agree and it is so easy to just sink down into our nice comfy pillows without a thought for the things you have written about here. As I have got older, gratitude has become a huge part of my thinking. However, this post has made me think a little deeper and wider about the people we owe our security to as we sleep on those comfy pillows. Thank you for that. So sorry to read of the sadness you endure but also heartened to read about the strength that is carrying you through the years. It cannot be easy for any of you.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Gratitude really does change our perspectives. Yes, the last nine years have been challenging. I’m grateful for God’s grace. It carries in ways I can’t explain. Blessings to you….

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